Our Story

Our Story

Pyramid Interactive Gamestudio was founded in 2014 by a group of students at Bayreuth University, Germany, who teamed up in a semi-consistent fashion to make games.
Its sole purpose is to provide a consistent name that can be used to operate websites and networking accounts over the course of different projects.
The domain and subdomains provide a platform to easily organise, document, promote and publish those projects.

All projects found on our sites are for (self-)educational, leisure or fun purposes and non-commercial. We are not a registered company, so there are no legal obligations for anyone who is associated with us.

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Our Projects

  • SQR³

    SQR³ (say: square) is a graduation project, realised by a core team of three students at University Bayreuth. Two players lead their fleets of space ships against each other on the battlefield in hotseat duel mode. Gameplay is highly tactical and minimizes the use of random factors.

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    Oaraph is a third person action adventure. A pharaoh mummy in on his way out of what was supposed to be his final resting place. Unfortunately, the pyramids defense mechanisms – designed to keep intruders out – will also work to keep mummies in.

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